After 12 months of email outreach for 18,000 leads, we had 54 meetings booked. Thank you for putting up such a diverse outreach strategy for us.

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Charles Kirkland

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Charles Kirkland

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Charles Kirkland

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Charles Kirkland

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Services Provided: Enterprise Outreach, LinkedIn Lead Generation

“Just signed up for the program. I've already applied your suggestion to include that personal and time-based specificity and we got an appointment scheduled with a 2,800-employee business almost immediately. Gave a demo, and have a follow-up demo scheduled 2 weeks from now.”

David Mchale President, HailBytes

Services Provided: Corporate Identity, Sales Coaching

“We’ve been able to dissect my sales process in such a way that I now know how to sign clients on longer term contracts, how to create more authority when I am in my sales calls, and how to put products in a marketplace where my business is the authority.”

Phaibion Royal Royal Energy

Services Provided: Sales Coaching, Enterprise Outreach

“Before my coaching sessions with Alex, I was struggling with booking meetings for my clients. After Alex gave me directions, I implemented the scripts and I got 5 meetings booked within one week period. And now I have a clear direction and process to follow. Thanks.”

Timothe Enault Lead Activ

Services Provided: Sales Coaching, Sales Management

“I hired Alex to consult with me and it was an absolute game changer. Right after our 30 minutes coaching calls, he gave me ideas that brought me a couple of meetings and I could see how my business was becoming more consistent.”

Dean Soto Pro Sulum

Services Provided: Enterprise Outreach, Content Marketing

“So far, so good with Robert’s coaching, he really knows his stuff. Everything from the courses he gives to his advice comes from a place of “I’ve been there, I’ve done that".”

Zach Weik Multi Family Group

Services Provided: Marketing Coaching, Public Relations

“Our business is booked solid to the point we have to turn people away, we increased our prices because now we are providing more and better services and we have moved up to much higher scale clients!”

Charles Kirkland Media Buyer Association