Josh Bachynski is a SEO specialist with over 20 years of experience. Josh delivered a TEDx talk “The Future of Google, Search and Ethics”, a soon to be released documentary film on Google called “Don’t Be Evil: Google’s Secret War” and his own SEO related podcast “The White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Show”. Josh has PhD (ABD) and Master’s Degree in Ethics and Decision Theory and a book coming out on our global political scenario and the collapse of culture entitled “The Zombies.”

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:30] 3 things to know before launching an SEO strategy
  • [05:00] How to find keywords to target
  • [07:25] What kind of content you need to create
  • [08:45] How Google’s algorithm can affect your strategy
  • [13:15] The Future of Google Search and the Internet
  • [18:09] What should you do if the whole system seems to be biased towards big brands
  • [19:22] Why is Josh passionate about his work
  • [23:02] How to hire a good SEO specialist
  • [25:40] Alex’s bad SEO hiring experience
  • [26:10] Red flags when hiring a SEO agency
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