Case Studies - Bastion Rare

Bastion Rare

Bastion Rare, a design & branding business, signed up for our outreach services and hit a huge breakthrough in terms of leads and meetings in a very short amount of time.

67% average open rate
5% average reply rate
80 meetings from LinkedIn Outreach

We started off with email outreach, applying our most successful practices used with other clients. These include copywriting fundamentals and a strong offer with clear ROI statements.
In the end we sent over 800 initial emails in 4 months, with above average results in campaign numbers: 67% average open rate, 5% average reply rate with 38 replies total.

We then switched to LinkedIn outreach to see how it fared in comparison. The number of leads coming in as a result from our initiatives was staggering. The client was extremely satisfied and put his trust 100% in our efforts. “Robert, I do really appreciate your team pushing through thus far. After checking over the leads brought up, it looks like our ideal potential clients are in our pipeline now. Get more of those ;-)”

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LinkedIn leads are good. I have been following up on them and I can hardly keep up with everything.

Reactions were good, and the client was barely keeping up with the leads. In less than 2 months, we’ve sent over 1000 Connection Requests in total from 2 different campaigns. Campaign rates via Sales Navigator outreach had over 20% response rate. LinkedIn Outreach resulted in over 80 meetings for Bastion Rare.

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