X27 Will Help You

X27 can help you get more leads for your company. We provide a self-sustaining, revenue-generating marketing department to help you attain success in a short amount of time with all processes in place and all guidelines required for success.

Why Use X27 Sales Management Services?

Let Us Answer With The Following Questions…

If you don’t know where your company stands in the competitive landscape,

Why not get the exact insights alongside clear steps on how to differentiate yourself?

If you don’t have a clear and data-driven sales management strategy,

What are you waiting for?

If you want a higher ROI,

Why don’t you start creating it now?

If you feel your resources are being scattered OR you’re not sure how to make progress,

Why lose more time (and revenue opportunity)?

And if you have a sales management strategy in place,

Why not have it double checked by a team that drove over
$100M in sales for their clients?

What Are You Going To Get?

Audit for the Existing Sales Process

We’ll do a deep dive on your current sales procedures and techniques, lead qualification process, challenges, goals, and together we’ll find effective solutions to take your company forward.

New Refined Sales Plans and Strategy

We will work together with your team to implement and update your reporting system, develop and update sales targets, performance standards, so that your team has clarity and realistic sales targets.

Ongoing Sales Management

We’ll have a weekly review of sales pipelines to make sure you don’t miss any sales opportunities.

Get all of these and more to begin growing your business today! Get Your 90-Day Growth Marketing Plan Get Your 90-Day Growth Plan
Enhanced Sales Team Capabilities

Your sales team will have calls with X27 leadership every single week, working on exact strategies to help grow your business. We’ll offer you feedback on what you’re already doing, suggestions on different tested strategies you can implement, and hold you accountable.

Get all of these and more to begin growing your business today! Get Your 90-Day Growth Marketing Plan Get Your 90-Day Growth Plan

What Will You Lose If You Delay Your Decision?

Critical Sales Documents

We’ll improve your sales presentation materials based on value selling. We’ll also miss the opportunity to have a Sales Playbook with all repeatable sales systems in your business, so that your sales staff follows the industry best practices.

*Hiring Outstanding Sales Candidates

Optional Add-on – If you’d like us to recruit capable salespersons for you, we have the experience. We hired, trained, and managed over 100 sales staff locally and remotely across 4 different continents and in 3 different languages.

Extensive Experience

X27 Seniors have built effective sales departments for dozens of other companies, sometimes with start-up budget constraints, other times with year-long deals and million dollar budgets. We’re experts in every stage of the sales cycle and we’ve already worked and delivered results across all industries.

Proven Sales Tactics

The same sales management techniques helped our clients get meetings with McDonald’s, Nike, Marriott, Coca Cola, HBO, Morgan Stanley, Krispy Kreme, AT&T and close over $100M in new business and from upsells in the past 5 years.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these! Book a Strategy Call Book a Strategy Call

Not Your Average Marketing Agency

5 x
better reply rates
3 x
better close rates
50 %
shorter sales cycles
solution image
vast experience in B2B
~ 8
clients turned down/month
2-10 x
more sales
cost image
millions in PPC budgets
new B2B sales
20 %
reduction in Cost per Click
icons group
75 %
increased Click-through-Rate
1,000,000 +
cold emails and follow ups
150 %
increased organic traffic
group image
45 %
increase in service appointments

Our Clients Enjoy Endless Benefits

How Other Companies Build Lead Pipelines With X27

case study image

“We had a total of 5982 deliveries with a 6% reply rate and 96 meetings booked. This month, our campaign generated $34k in sent proposals in addition to the $13k in sales.”

João Freitas, CEO & Director Mezzolab Go To Case Study

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