Mezzolab is a digital agency working in Digital, Design & Video with a portfolio of clients including L’Oréal, Allianz, Ronaldo, Ford, and ArchDaily. They contacted us for enterprise outreach.

100 leads within the first 6 months
750K closed in first 6 months
96 meetings out of our email outreach efforts

We got them over 100 leads in the first 6 months, 1 client with 750k on the initial contract. Our efforts had a huge ROI overall. During our collaboration, communication was flowing, as stated below by the Mezzolab.

“In the first month with X27 we also did a parallel campaign, using the same target audience.
We sent out emails to around 1500 prospects and the leads were gathered by a VA from the Philippines. The lead lists have all been sent to Jason to avoid duplicates. Although our “email stats” results were worse, we closed $13k in sales and signed an important partnership with an agency from LA. We estimate we will get at least $100k in projects/sales with them this year.

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This month, our campaign generated $34k in sent proposals in addition to the $13k in sales.

Out of those $34k, $12k have been lost and the remaining proposals have at least a 30% estimated chance of being closed. Our email outreach efforts got Mezzolab the following results in the first 6 months. We sent 150+ emails per week. We had a total of 5982 deliveries with a 6% reply rate (370) and 96 meetings booked.

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