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Hunter Media

Hunter Media is a video marketing company, with past clients including the Walt Disney Company, Imagery, MGM and more. They contacted us for email outreach, LinkedIn outreach, retargeting ads, PPC ads, and installing a chatbot on their website.

6 leads within the 1st week
4th largest wine company potential client
100+ ideal prospects found in the first 3 months

The first week working with Hunter Media went off to a great start, as Norm later emailed us saying:“A couple of responses have already hit my email in the first week – nice work! One of them is the 4th largest wine company in the world! Your outreach effort for Hunter Media is already having good results.”

At the end of the first week of outreach, we had 6 different leads out of the 10 guaranteed for that month! Still, our client was not able to close any of the pre-qualified leads we brought them, and had to pause our service until he did, due to low cash flow.

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Your outreach efforts are already having good results, after just the first week.

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