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Fuzz Productions

Fuzz Productions is an award-winning digital agency crafting digital products, services and ecosystems. Their clients include The Huffington Post, Forever 21, Potbelly, CBS and many more. They contacted us for our enterprise outreach service.

17858 deliveries
97 leads
54 meetings

They wanted a diverse outreach email campaign, so we targeted potential clients in 29 different countries. We got them local meetings anywhere they wanted to go on the planet.

We tried out different email scripts, subject lines, single target audiences, so they had the best message approach for a broader audience. Our results from 12 months of email outreach include: 17858 email deliveries, 1081 replies (6% of emails sent), 97 leads (9% of replies), 54 meetings (5% of replies).

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Thank you for putting up such a diverse outreach strategy for us.

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