There’s nothing more important than gaining new customers.  However, gaining new clients is just the starting point.  It’s much more important to create a lasting relationship that will build over the years and only get stronger and they remain loyal to your company.  You do this by being a present force in your relationship, as there is nothing worse than having an absent partner in a relationship.  Here are 3 proven strategies in client success and building the long lasting relationship that you desire.

Make sure you learn the type of client that would be the best fit for your product or business.  That way, half the battle is won already.  So get to know what type of customers would fit your business model the best.  It’s very important to start with developing your customer base and work from that point.  As there is nothing worse than working so hard to close a sale to a client that would not benefit from being a customer.

1. Cold Calling Is Dead

Once you figured out who your client base would be now it’s time to reach out to them.  However, don’t just reach out to them with the details about your company.  Provide them with a way to “test” your product or services.  The ways you can do that are to offer a free trial or a demo.  That way they can get a hands on feel for what your company has to offer them and how beneficial it would be to choose you above all other companies.  This part is very important, and you must make this as easy and seamless as possible for the prospective client, because if a trial period is hard to work with, you are not going to convert that client as easily or at all.

2. Who Doesn’t Like Free?

During their trial or demo phase it’s important to offer them any assistance possible to ensure they are not having any issues with your product or service.  During this time you can also find out and make sure that if they did wish to take the plunge that the process is very simple for them.  Engage in conversation, ask for feedback and be present during this period of time to ensure that they have the answers that they require in order to get the full experience that you have to offer and this will make converting this trial period into a customer for life.  This process also weeds out the clients that are not a good fit and thus further wasting assets going forward in the future.  Not every person is going to be a good fit, so this trial period is a great way to learn who would be and start building that solid client base.

3. Build A Relationship, Not A Sale

However, don’t stop there.  Always be an ever present figure in your clients experience, whether it’s during the pre-sale phase or afterwards.  This is the most important thing in my opinion in gaining and keeping clients.  We have all been there, where after the sale has been made you can never reach the company to resolve issues that arise.  So if I had to state what the most important strategy above all else would be, it would be to be at arm’s length of your customers.  Always have an open door policy in which you actually are available for them for whatever needs, questions or concerns they may have.  If you want them to be committed to you, you must also be committed to them.

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Alex Berman is the founder and chief content creator of X27 Marketing. He is passionate about promoting efficient B2B lead generation channels and executing on data-driven strategies for his clients.