Kevin Hart is a comedian who’s last five movies have grossed over $1 billion worldwide. He’s also a mogul in the making and one of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2015.

Top 3 Ways to Build an Empire and Deal With it: Life lessons from Kevin Hart

Rule #1 – Nothing lasts forever

Kevin Hart explain to us that one of the scariest things in business thinking that you can get money at any time, like “look! we are done!“.

But when you analyze this from a realistic point of view, you say “okay, this is great, but I will do whatever I can do right now in the present to assure myself in the future, so I don’t have to worry about my life“.

A lot of people go through this and this happened to me with my first big salary, I went out and started to spend so much money. That’s why you have to set up a plan, and that is what the next rule is about.

Rule #2 – Build an empire regardless of precedent

Kevin into producing other people’s films worked with other comedians to produce their comedy specials and was one of the first entertainers that weren’t a sports star to get a shoe line from Nike.

What Kevin want to explain to us with this example is that you have to improve and empower your brand in order to make it last longer.

But how does Kevin manage to keep thinks like this?

Rule #3 – Don’t mix it up until you finish winning

If you are starting to rank high in something, what’s the hurry in changing this fact? Kevin Hart reveals that people always ask him about when will he start doing different movie roles in different genres.

His response is very accurate:

Your talking about 5 to 6 movies, you’re not talking about 15 movies where Kevin’s been starred… I’m just now becoming successful in the starring element of the movie business… it’s not like I’ve been up hare for 10 years doing the same movies.

Well, those are Kevin Hart’s three rules which hopefully you can apply in your life.

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