Sam Reich is President of Original Content at CollegeHumor – the number 1 comedy channel on Youtube.

He is responsible for 15 of the site’s 18 webby awards and now runs BigBreakfast – a production studio behind cable shows like Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV.

In this video, we go through 4 pieces of advice that you can use to advance in your career or grow your company.

You can use these to be a comedy writer or move up in your agency.

4 Pieces of advice from Sam Reich you can use in your career:

1. Do what it takes to live your passion

When you are starting something new, whether is an online business or an Internet comedy channel you still need to make money and that is something that Sam Reich really focused on.

Try to answer this question:

What kind of business can you do to support your passion while you still generate some kind of income?

2. Expand outward

Sam Reich knows that when you find something that works you have to keep doing it over and over again and try to improve the quality and the scope.

For instance, he went from small Internet videos to large videos and now television.

3. Start Early

This means, the earlier you can commit to something and start working towards it, the quicker you can get to those 10 years that it take to succeed in any field.

4. Email your heroes

Sending cold emails is great for meeting for coffee, for getting new clients. Basically, the more people you can bring into your circle the more chances you have to get new opportunities.

Those are Sam Reich 4 pieces of advice to success. I hope you find them useful. See you next time!


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