5 ways Sales is better for B2B than Growthhacking

1. Direct sales is faster for testing product market fit
Takes less time to test
doesn’t require a team or ad spend
-Story about rails list-

2. Direct sales is cheaper
Can be done in a few hours, no need to hire a team
-story about starting a company and doing emails yourself-

3. Direct sales is easier to understand
doesn’t require looking at analytics dashboards
Sales process is straightforward and scalable
-story about how you still growth hack for a mobile app shop and you use dashboards, analytics-

4. Direct sales is easier to hire for
When building a team – sales people are a lot more available than growth hackers
-When groupon was scaling they hired dozens of sales people a day, imagine trying to do that with growth hackers-

5. Direct sales is simpler
As a growth hacker you’ll need to understand PPC, blog posts, social media, influencer marketing, social selling marketing qualified leads
For direct sales you just need to understand how to send an email and talk to customers
You can even outsource the email and appointment setting part to InspireBeats