Besides cold email, having  video testimonials from a trusted client has been one of the biggest drivers in getting us to a 50%+ close rate on meetings.

Here’s why getting video testimonials is important, and a step by step plan for picking a client, asking them for the interview, the exact questions to ask during a testimonial video, and where to use the video when selling.

How and Why to Ask for Video Testimonials

I can’t share my sales numbers right now but in the last 30 days, our company about quadrupled in size which is insane considering most of its recurrent revenue is tied to marketing services.

Yet, cold email was the number one driver of our lead generation and our sales. 

But in terms of actually getting a close rate and the meetings I had this month, I ran an analytics at the close rate from the people whether they were getting a yes or no and is 50%.

So we were getting a 50% close rate which is way higher than in any company I’ve worked before with in the past.

I wanted to share in this video how to go over on the thing I think is the most important for getting that 50% close rate which is the client video testimonial.

We only have one client video testimonial which is from Tom Tancredi, the founder of Dom & Tom.

So in this video, I’ll go over on what to look for in your clients for video testimonials, how to ask for one, how to record one and then how to use it.

Step #1: Do a great job

No client is gonna talk to you if you’re not getting on a good ROI with whatever you’re doing in your b2b services, whether it’s building a solid mobile app that actually generates revenue for them, featuring them at the top of the app store, or even just driving a return to their business in some way.

So if you’re B2B, always try to deliver at least x10 of return to all of your clients.

Step #2: Prepare a nice script

Once you’ve succeeded, once you have done a great job, here’s one simple script you can use to reach out.

You can do it over Skype, over text, over Hangouts. I always prefer those channels over email because they are a lot more intimate.

So that’s the one that works.

What I did with Dom & Tom is having him on Skype for 20 minutes using these 10 questions:

Give your client plenty of time to respond, let them talk it out, and then use a video editing software, or hire somebody on Fiverr, or just ping me up at and we will edit it into a video that shows you in the best possible light.

Once you have this one minute video, you should get something that looks like the one in the video (3:32 mark).

Step #3: Where and how to use your video

You can use it for Facebook or Instagram Ads, though I haven’t tested those so I won’t recommend using them. But what I use it for is for emailing.

For instance, when somebody asks for a client reference I’ll send them the video and also their email address.

I also have it on the YouTube channel but it hasn’t got too many leads directly from there and then I have it on our website.

So those are the couple of places you can use it. Basically, the goal is to show that clients trust you enough to buy from you.

In summary, think of 5-6 clients or even just one client that would do a video testimonial for you, and drive enough value to them to make it interesting enough. Also, I want you to use the script I showed you.

If you need marketing support for your agency, contact us at

I’m Alex Berman, talk to you later!

Special thanks to Tom Tancredi for this amazing testimonial. His company is Dom & Tom.
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