In this interview, Rob Corbett – founder of Bodhi, breaks down the exact B2B lead generation funnel using blog posts, video drips, prerecorded webinars and boosted with Facebook Ads.

The funnel in this video has generated millions of dollars for his clients.

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Lead Generation Using Your Blog:

We really suggest you check out the whole interview, however, the following is a super short summary of the best moments:

  • Google Tools allows you to target people, so you can go a fish a whale if you want.
  • Services like personal training are abundant across the internet, but you can always make a vast difference from your competitors by promoting top quality content.
  • When talking about marketing campaigns, the point is the content, not all people is going to read it. For instance, not everybody is an app developer. You need to have and show valuable things to the right person.
  • For Rob, blogs with webinars and HowTo’s provide de highest conversion rates, as well as solid case studies, guides, and tutorials.
  • Remember, it is not too much about what are you selling, but how are you selling it.
  • If you are starting with blogs, try to make easy-to-digest contents, avoiding large texts or boring content. You can also take out the text and put up a video, so others can listen from portable devices without having to read.
  • When doing ad campaigns (e.g. at Facebook), use rhetorical questions so you make sure to provoke the desirable response from the user.
  • Finally, if it’s about retargeting, interactivity is the key.


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