Barry Katz is a tv-film producer universally known for helping launch the careers of some of the most extraordinary comedy artists in the business—including Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings and Louis CK. Katz has executive produced over 50 different TV stand-up specials, documentaries, reality & scripted series. Additionally, he has brokered an unprecedented 100 TV development deals during his career while creating 3 television shows of his own. He’s also the host of Industry Standard, weekly podcast that features an insiders look at Hollywood from a totally different perspective, featuring behind-the-scenes Q-list players who candidly reveal the risky decisions they made that led to the most groundbreaking internet, television, radio, music, and film content in the world.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [05:57] What’s Barry’s approach to finding and managing an artist?
  • [09:21] What does Barry need to see in an artist to realize he has what it takes?
  • [13:13] How to figure out the different lanes your client is comfortable working in?
  • [17:15] What did Barry do to help his clients when they experienced professional failure?
  • [24:10] How would Barry approach rebooting a career of an artist who had some success in the past?
  • [29:10] Why are artists scared to go off brand?
  • [33:50] How would Barry approach helping a comedian pivot to doing an artistic picture?
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