Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is known for its world famous boxing ring and as the setting of the movie the Hangover, but it was also the first themed hotel in las vegas. Sarno was starting a trend of themed hotels that lasted over 30 years.

In this video, I go through the hotel foundation and into the mind of Jay Sarno – the entrepreneur who built the hotel that forever changed the way tourists interact with las vegas.

Along the way we’ll go over a few tips you can use to improve your own product or service.

Caesars Palace: 3 Branding Lessons From Jay Sarno

A few months ago interviewed Dr. David Schwartz a Vegas historian and author of the Jay Sarno biography “Grandissimo”.
Here you can hear David explaining some of it.

So let’s start!

Rule #1 –  Create a Dream World

Jay Sarno thought about what male tourists want it out of the vacation and decided to dedicate entire hotel to creating that dream.

Think about your clients fantasies, what do they really want and how can you give them that experience every time they work with you.

Once you have that dream in mind, Jay Sarno’s rule number two is…

Rule #2 – Stay true to the vision

In your business, think about where you’re cutting corners right now.

Are you hiring cheap labor? Maybe your website isn’t as good as it could be. Review your business from the
clients point of view and take out any of those rough bumps

Thus, now that his hotel plan was the greatest in the world, Sarno made sure to…

Rule #3 – Go where the customers are

After running a few successful hotels, Sarno could have built his new hotel anywhere but he saw Vegas, saw what existed there and knew that the customers in Vegas, men on vacation, would be a great target for his hotels.

Think about where you’re looking for customers for your company.

For instance, if you’re running into pushback on your sales calls it’s probably because your clients don’t 100% need what you offer.

If that’s the case, how can you use partnerships or other channels to find customers that already have that need for what you do?

Thanks for reading this post, I’m Alex Berman.

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