Our brand new Clutch.co tutorial consists of a step by step breakdown of some of the top clutch profiles, along with 6 tactics you can implement to see your rank go up.

Clutch.co Tutorial: How and Why Your Agency Should Rank Higher

Why is Clutch.co so important?

First, Clutch.co is one of the only directory sites that pops up when you google “mobile app development,” and is responsible for sending thousands of leads to our clients.

Dom & Tom is one of those examples, by being one of the top mobile app developers for 2016. A couple of other clients are on the top list too and if you scroll down, you will see that Clutch.co is also all over the first page of Google search.

What makes a good Clutch.co profile?

After beginning, one important thing I need to clear out is that if you really want to get to the top of Clutch you’re gonna need and pay for a sponsor.

For instance, when you visit the page, you’ll see is taken up with sponsors. So the first thing the user sees on Clutch are going to be all the sponsored apps, almost the entire first page.

That said, let’s fully proceed with our Clutch.co tutorial

The Clutch Rank

The Clutch Rank is a ranking system which we can access without paying for sponsorship. If you go over to a similar web (e.g. Traffic Center) you can see that clutch hits about 300,000 points of traffic/month.

Most of Clutch’s traffic is American which is great, and there’s also lots of Indian traffic as well. However, what I wanted to show you today are the top destination sites that saw the most traffic from Clutch since July 2016, they are five:

  1. Biznessapps
  2. Gromode
  3. Blue Fountain Media
  4. AppsterHQ
  5. Big Drop Inc.

Biznessapps is a SaaS tool for building applications. Honestly, this is a little bit outside of our realm and not an agency but if this is really getting the most traffic from Clutch, it’s probably worth getting your SaaS upon here.

The second one is Gromode, which has no reviews and has a very short profile. We discarded this one because we are suspecting of bot traffic.

Now let’s check out the three remaining!

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is known in the app development industry as having the most effective marketing than any company. If you go to any directory and look for them, there’s a good chance they’re going to be up at the top.

They do this by paying for a lot of sponsorships and having a heavy focus on SEO. So their results are very hard to copy in most cases because they pay for them.


The other I want to look over is Appstern, which is top for mobile app development in San Francisco.

Big Drop Inc.

They work in the field of e-Commerce development, web designs, and New York web designers.

Now, the question you must have is, what’s the point of knowing this?

The Review Factor

An important factor across all these profiles is that they all have a great number of reviews. They all have over ten. So, having at least 10 reviews is going to be super important for getting your profile ranked as fast as possible.

The other thing that is doable here is I that also recommend adding at least one review a month.

You can do this by getting in touch with your account manager for interviews with your clients in order to add more of these to the site.

Having them submitted every month or even every two weeks will help your Clutch profile to go top.

The other thing to point out about all these top profiles is that they all have over 4.8 rating. Also, all the reviews that they’re submitting, their clients are saying good things about them.

Don’t send bad reviews over just to get a higher number of reviews. It’s better to go out, work for even more clients and get them to say good things about you before you do this Clutch outreach.

The Industry Focus Factor

The other thing I want to cover is industry focus, which will be a key element of your profile.

You’ll see wildly different focuses here. Big Drop Inc. has a lot of different industry focuses with 30% on advertising and 20% on automotive, the biggest ones respectively.

Appster doesn’t even have industry focus and Blue Fountain Media has 30% advertising and 20% percent education.

So, what can we can learn from here?

If you have an industry focus, you should put at least 30% in something to help you rank on that specific page.

Nevertheless, when it comes to industry focus, having something over 50% seems to drive the lever in terms of how much traffic is generated.

For instance, Big Drop Inc. has 80% on WordPress, they do almost all WordPress work. Appster has 55% in mobile app development and 50% in iOS over all the other platforms, and Blue Fountain Media has 50% on WordPress and 50% on Dribbble.

Give Yourself Enough Room in Your Profile

One of the last things I wanted to talk about was the profiles, so talking about your agency and giving yourself enough space to do that is important in Clutch.

Write your description in a way that explains everything and then pushes up against the fold of the site. Do not make a large description to avoid potential clients from leaving your profile.

Final Tips

  • Get on Clutch.co if you’re not there already.
  • Email your account manager today and ask for clients review so you can add them weekly or monthly.
  • Reach the 10 reviews minimum.
  • Change your frameworks and CMS for your service line focus, in order to have one thing over 50%.
  • Rewrite your description so that it all reads above the fold.
  • Make one small change at least once a week on your description, so it looks like your profiles
    are being constantly updated on the backend.

We are done! That’s the Clutch.co Tutorial!

I know a lot of you were wondering about that, so that’s how you can rank high in Clutch.

If you have any questions about mobile app development, marketing, or marketing for agencies checkout x27marketing.com

I’m Alex Berman from X27 Marketing, talk to you later!

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