Daniel Wallock is a marketer, heart condition survivor, and published author. Daniel’s done startup and marketing related projects with over 50 companies including BMW i Ventures, The American Heart Association, Amazon Studios, Girl’s Inc, and Sarah Lawrence College. Daniel has been interviewed in The Huffington Post, Forbes, TheNextWeb, and he has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Yahoo News. Daniel was named as a Top Content Marketer to Follow in 2017 at Inc Magazine.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [00:58] Daniel’s unique strategy for building relationships with other entrepreneurs online
  • [03:00] What matters most when you’re creating content
  • [04:18] How did Daniel get into marketing?
  • [06:11] What made Daniel start pitching himself to media outlets?
  • [07:20] The type of funnel Daniel is working on right now
  • [11:59] Why Daniel keeps on building and testing different funnels even though he can’t follow up with all of his inbound leads?
  • [13:20] Why did Daniel scale down and went to work for someone else?
  • [17:04] What is so appealing about marketing to Daniel?
  • [18:14] Why did Daniel study poetry at college?
  • [20:20] How did Daniel get used to having someone to report to at BlitzMetrics?
  • [21:47] Where does Daniel see himself in 5 years?
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Alex Berman is the founder and chief content creator of X27 Marketing. He is passionate about promoting efficient B2B lead generation channels and executing on data-driven strategies for his clients.