Doug Cunnington is a digital marketing consultant and a project management professional. He started his digital career after experiencing great success building Amazon Associate niche websites. He started Niche Site Project where he helps his audience find a niche and profitable keywords, start a niche site, get more search engine traffic and boost revenue, set up systems and scale their niche site.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:10] Who inspired Doug to start making money online?
  • [01:54] What piece of information was Doug missing when he started out?
  • [03:19] Golden Ratio method for finding keywords
  • [06:40] How to come up with keywords to target?
  • [09:04] How does Doug create a niche site from start to finish?
  • [13:15] How to make sure the process is executed perfectly?
  • [16:33] How much of time and money would Dough allocate to building a new niche site?
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