Edward Ricourt is a writer and producer known for his work on Now You See Me, Now You See Me 2 and Marvel’s TV series Jessica Jones on Netflix.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [00:49] What are movie execs doing during the summer
  • [03:57] How to keep your projects going for a long time
  • [05:52] Creating original work vs. helping others do better
  • [09:43] How writing projects happen
  • [12:10] How Edward got low-balled in the past
  • [13:45] Who negotiates a salary for a project
  • [15:15] Why some projects fall through
  • [16:45] Do agents do due diligence for you
  • [19:33] Why didn’t Edward write Now You See Me 2
  • [25:30] A hit project is a gift that keeps on giving
  • [26:35] What goes into a pitch at Edward’s level
  • [28:30] Having a personal connection to a project
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