Have you ever write successful partnership emails? Reaching out for partnerships is huge for driving new business to your agency. Partners are anyone that has a service offering similar or even the same as yours but higher-priced, reaching out to those guys and getting them to send business your way.

In the next example, Sean Foo is the one reaching out. He’s running a copywriting agency called SpeechSilver.

What he’s doing is reaching out to other agencies that sell web design and marketing services, offering his copywriting as an add-on:

Check the video to know partnership emails framework:

Off the bat, he told me that he gets a 67% open rate on this and about a 14% response rate, so any improvement here is going to help.

In the video, I go through very specific steps on how to improve and what to write on the partnership emails, so I strongly recommend watching it.

Basically, it all boils down to make it about them, by being observant and offering praise on specific aspects of whatever you’re talking about. Also, you should write tidy and neat sentences that can easily give all the information that is important, so they can go through the email quickly and know all they need to know.

You can use the modified email shown in the video as a general outline for your own partnership emails.

To summarize the partnership emails framework:

  1. First two sentences are all about them
  2. Then, you have your one sentence pitch
  3. After that, you have your case study or your call out to their specific competitors or projects that they would know.
  4. To finish you write the call to action, and if you want you can have a P.S. line

And that’s all you need! Be sure to check out the video!

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