If you don’t have the budget to hire a sales army you’re in the right place. Listen to this episode to learn how Brian would break down a sales process and what would he focus on to make two salesmen in an agency bring in $2 million in revenue.

After spending 20 plus years selling enterprise software for 12 VC backed start-ups, Brian Burns now focuses on helping a handful of companies.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • how to break down a sales goal like $2million
  • first few steps to get the sales machine running
  • where to find your target market
  • how to do the research on your potential clients
  • how to showcase that what you do is unique
  • what will take you from unknown to known
  • how to get them to like you
  • how to prevent the steps from going wrong
  • how to draw the line between free and paid
  • mistake most people make when asking for free advice
  • when to take the next step

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