How do I become the #1 rockstar SDR (sales development representative) at my company?

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1. Have a process down

That starts with defining the sales process

A typical process I use is:
Cold email
Back and forth with questions
Book a call
Answer q’s on call and close
Follow up if no close

Once you have a process you’ll know where you stand at all times, and it removes the uncertainty in your mind – allowing you to focus on the other steps

2. Solid lead flow

In order to sell more than everyone you need more leads than everyone – that means generation:

Here are something I do to bring people in:
1. Quora answers
2. Videos like this one
3. Nonstop posting on Facebook and twitter
4. Cold emails
5. going to live events

3. Follow up more than everyone else

I have my own CRM that I use for following up and also leverage Yesware reminders to keep everything going.
You want to never lose touch with anyone – I’ve had deals close after 7 months of follow ups
Set reminders and keep going until they buy or tell you to F off