This assumes you used cold emails to book a call with the prospect, rather than calling directly – check out the link below for where to find that article.

Course on cold emailing:

1. Come prepared with questionsSpend a minute looking at their website for something to mention about the company

Go to LinkedIn and notice what city they’re in

2. Call on time

3. Open with conversation

Ask about the weather. Talk about where you are currently. (If you’re a parent) Ask about their kids. Sports, weekend plans, etc

Spend at least 3 minutes on convo at the beginning


4. Ask about problems related to their solution

Have you used a service like ours in the past? What happened?. How big of a problem is Content Marketing for you right now?

5. Pitch your product with each answer

Tell the prospect how your thing solves the problems they bring up, one by one


6. Ask them to buy

Some phrases to memorize:

“How does that sound?”. “When are you looking to move forward?”. “Ready to get started?”

7. Walk them through the buying process or lead to next steps

If you have a credit card form, get them to fill it out. If you have to write a proposal, schedule that meeting on this call



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