I know how to become a freelancer. It was the first step on my journey from full-time employee to business owner. The secret is getting revenue as quick as possible, and the way to do that is in this video.

Become a freelancer with this email script:


The easiest way to become a freelancer is cold email, and in this video, I run through how to write them and go over the exact scripts that closed my first 3 clients.

How to become a freelancer

When I was first starting out in lead generation, I was working full-time with a company and basically had to start hustling. I sent emails from 7 a.m to 9 a.m eastern before the full-time job, every single day for about two weeks. before going  full-time

Here are the exact emails I used when pitching that service so lets jump into the first one:

This was to a SaaS company, I left my phone number and he responded later that day:

I’m available this evening after seven-thirty let me know. 

So after that, I turned it into a proposal and after a week or so I had a contract with them it was a few thousand dollars a month for sales.

So this script I was targeting people on AngelList’s hiring sales and a version of the script had about an 80% meeting book rate and about half of those deals closed in the first month.

As you can tell I’m just sending from my Gmail and going through this again there are a couple things that will change.

I sent it to Giff who is the CEO of Neo which was a mobile app development and marketing agency based in New York.

He looped in this other guy Anil, went over to their office, and we actually had a contract signed it was a couple days after this email.

Again, same day response with this so these leads were 100% generated from AngelList in NYC hiring for sales.

Note the customization of the emails, you can do the same thing to get your first couple three lines clients.The main two points I want to make

In summary, the main two points I want to make are:

#1 – Find new clients

If you’re trying to hustle for freelance clients, basically the only thing that matters right now is finding new clients.

So rather than making a list of a thousand people to contact instead go to Angellist and spent four to six minutes on every email making sure it’s very customized similar to how you spend it on a cold call and you’ll see some really good results.

#2 – How to become a Freelancer? Just fo do it!

Doesn’t really matter what product you’re selling you can use cold emails to test various things. The most important thing is to just to do it!

Feel free to steal them word for word and use them on your journey to becoming a freelancer.

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