Today I’m going to teach you how to cold email when you have a B2C company. You will get more clients, partnerships, and more notoriety using the three ways I’ll break down below.

How to Cold Email for B2C?

The reason I made this blog post is because of an email I got the other day from a viewer, check it out:

Hey man saw you on Reddit earlier and immediately watched a few of your videos. You have some great content out. Just curious if you could lend some advice. I’m 20 years old, in college and am running a painting company (Student Painters).

Right now I have a pretty big pipueline of around 90 leads. However, I got all these lads from going door to door or tossing fliers. It appears that you’re big on emailing. Any ideas how I can reach out to homeowners through email about painting their homes?

The discussions go in a similar vein to a lot of what you guys been wondering, so three ways how to use cold email for B2C companies is what I wanted to go over today.

A good example of this is that I used to work with a dog walking company based in one the big three cities of USA.

In summary, what they used to do is having an Uber app for dog walking so they would have somebody come in and walk your dog if you asked it in the app.

One of the biggest drivers of this business of them wasn’t user acquisition coming from the app but partnerships that they built with these buildings. So they would go out and pitch buildings and say “Hey, I’m going to be the dog walking service for your building. I will give anyone who’s paying for an apartment unlimited dog walking through our app.

The above was a huge business driver for them, so that’s one way to use cold emails.


What is B2C?

This is any type of businesses that sell to consumers. They are directly opposed to B2B (business-to-business) which is companies that sell to other businesses like mobile app development or SaaS.

#1 – Large corporate deals

What you can use cold email for when you are in a B2C, especially for this painter guy we referenced earlier in the post, is going to an office building and basically write down all the tenants they see on the office wall.

Those could be bigger clients for you.

Anyone who’s got the money to invest in an office usually has the money to hire these other services so what you can do
is make a list of all the tenants in that building and cold pitch them directly.

What this guy can do for his cold pitch is present his business as a corporate painting, so rather than painting people’s homes, they paint people’s offices.

So there are bigger deals that way.

Moreover, you can pitch those corporate deals the same way we talked about in any of our cold emailing videos.

Here’s a teardown I did over a recent b2b service and you can use that same email basically turning your b2c services company into a B2B services company.

Now let’s proceed with the next way.

#2 – Podcasts or radio

Doing podcast interviews is a great way to get your name out there if you target your company’s ideal podcast correctly.

Here’s an email I sent recently to get on a podcast and you can use this to target either your podcasts and pulling customers.

It’s important to direct reference to one of their past podcast episodes, then make a quick pitch for your company.

Tell them you think it would be very interesting to hear some of these insights and then send three bullet points for every single podcast, so when you’re doing this spend a min or two to look at the podcast.

Next, see what sort of shows they do and then pitch your three ideas based on those shows and hopefully we’ll get some responses

This woman responded within a few minutes. Normally, in an email like this, you get about 10 percent response rate.

Finally, the last thing you can do is…

#3 – Direct partnerships and sell-through opportunities

Using that dog walking business as an example, you can do exactly what they do find out who owns these buildings and reach out to them directly.

Tell them you want to become the go-to painter for anyone in that apartment building, the go-to dog walker, the go-to lawyer, any sort of reference like that.

The other thing you can do is if you’re reaching out to other b2b companies directly that have some kind of service that fits in with your service you can also negotiate a referral deal.

We did this recently with a mobile app development client. Basically, any client that we sent to them they get 20 percent of the revenue for the first month so you can come up with a deal like that for your type of business and that should work really well.

Let’s recap…

  1. Large corporate deals: going after bigger business clients instead of consumer clients.
  2. Podcasts or radio which you can find using cold emails.
  3. Partnerships and affiliate deals which you can find by finding similar companies and sending cold emails.

Thus, we have reached the end of our post on how to cold email.

I’m Alex Berman, thanks!

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