A few of you have pointed out how hard it is to find good, reliable and top performing salespeople.

For that reason, here’s how to hire 3 salespeople this month, employing 2 weeks to find and vet the candidates on AngelList.

This video is important for what we look for, and also what we don’t look for.

How To Hire on AngelList: Step by Step

In order to help you get quick on your feet, I made a video summary highlighting the key elements:

 Filling your AngelList company profile:

  1. Create a company description, short and succinct. You can also add extra information such as members.
  2. Post the jobs and describe precisely what do you need and what you offer.
  3. The monthly salary should range from 2,000 $ to 3,000$. Needless to say that If you are not right with this you’re wrong.
  4. Use the match searching function and take advantage of the filters.
  5. Ask for Intros.

Doing the interviews:

  1. The initial interview must be focused on skills measurement.
  2. If everything went well, go for a culture fit call. In addition, an important aspect apart from skills is personality, make sure that person fits with the company’s philosophy.
  3. Disqualify whoever don’t fit in the company and proceed with the next ones.

If you are rapidly growing, this video will show you how can you hire the greatest people, fast and online.

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