In this new post, I want to break down how Chris Hardwick manages his time, and leave you with 3 tips on how to organize your life and improve your productivity.

Chris Hardwick is a comedian, the host of @midnight on Comedy Central, Talking Dead on AMC, the CEO of a digital media company that runs over 40 simultaneous podcasts and owner of a Youtube channel with over 1.6 million subscribers.

But how can Chris deal with all at the same time? Let’s begin!

1) Track your time

While I learned a few tips from the books I read, my biggest lesson came in turning inward and seeing the following aspects:

  1. Where my time went.
  2. How I worked.
  3. What hours I was most productive.
  4. What could help me stay organized

As you can see, this journey really got me to examine and understand my own processes.

Not only I discovered my own work rhythms but also figured out that managing time didn’t just mean color coding my calendar and identifying time hijackers.

Then I reasoned that any constructive thing I was able to accomplish was effectively using my time in the best way possible; this encompasses things like:

  1. Goal setting.
  2. Finances.
  3. Emotional organization.

It’s not just about compartmentalizing your clock but also making sure that you expend your time on things of value.

How to organize your life: “What gets measured gets managed”

You should be spending most of your time just going after new businesses. How much of that time is actually being spent checking email or on other time-wasting activities?

Once you reflect enough and have all tracked, you have to move to the next stage.

2) Prioritize your tasks

First, give each item on your agenda a rating of 1 to 3 and follow the next nomenclature:

  • 1 = things that need to be done immediately
  • 2 = things that need to be done but not urgently
  • 3 = stick around that

This rating can sometimes be challenging for obsessive individuals because a part of their “DNA” is placing heavy importance on things that aren’t THAT important.

For example, we tend towards OCD without suffering it when trying to determine which value and activity fall under the first category.

So if the former is your case, use this handy guide:

  • Good Busy = anything that moves you closer to your goals.
  • Bad Busy = anything that doesn’t involve your goals or moves you closer to them in any way.

Moreover, you can check Tim Ferri’s book The 4 Hour Workweek to find more techniques which can help you determine the top priority things. Chris Hardwick is a fan of Tim’s books.

Once you learn to track and prioritize, we get to rule number three.

3) Keep a calendar

You have to give your life a structure. Even if you feel like you have nothing worth scheduling, you will subconsciously seek out ways to fill your calendar.

That’s why you should set up a personal calendar and a work calendar. Hardwick schedules both his relaxation time and work time on the calendar in order to get things done.

This is something that a lot of CEOs and billionaires also do. They keep their calendars very structured and it’s something you might want to think about incorporating into your life.

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