All macs have speech-to-text on them – most people don’t know that. Honestly, it’s not that much faster but some people prefer it. Here’s how to use Siri for cold emailing.

How can I activate Siri?

iPhones have an especial voice dictation feature called Siri that allows users to send messages, emails, search and comment without using the keyboard. In our case, Mac computers also enjoy this feature, you can activate it by double tapping

In our case, Mac computers also enjoy this feature, you can activate it by double tapping Fn + Shift keys.

Our experiment

First, we used AngelList to find a particular company. The search criteria were the following:

  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Enterprise Software
  • Salary: $4K – $200K
  • Job type: sales

This time we choose Popular Pays, a marketplace where brands meet Instagram influencers. We looked for the email address of the founder, and we started talking:

Subject line: Hey Corbett – about PopularPays and Inspirebeats

Email content:

Hey Corbett,

Came across PopularPays and really impressed with the concept of connecting brands with Instagram influencers. I run growth at Inspirebeats, a company that does lead generation and outreach for a bunch of Y combinator backed start ups.

We can help you find either brands that are wanting to connet with Instagram infuencers or the influencers themselves. Both finding the contact nfo, and direct outreach to book meetings.

Does that sound like something you be interested in? Would love to hop up on a call.



Note: I had to change a couple of things within the email because Siri didn’t get me at some points (e.g. capitalization and prepositions), but she performed very well overall.

4 hours later he responded back  with this:

Hi Alex,

We’re good for now (that’s not the bottleneck to our growth), but I’ve copied our lead sales manager here in case that changes in the future. He will reach out to you if that’s the case.

Much love,


The above means the cold email worked and that maybe he could turn out to be our next client sometime in the future.

So that’s the end of our post about how to use Siri for cold emailing, as you can see is not that faster like if you used a template but it’s an option.

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I’m Alex Berman, thanks!

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