Today we practiced some Instagram marketing for getting more likes and followers by posting 4 very different photos using popular hashtags and reporting on the results.

I’m Alex Berman, and this is Agency Marketing Teardowns, we go through a marketing channel, we tear it down, and see what we can improve.

Instagram Marketing: Which are the most effective hashtags?

Today I’ve got five photos queue up, and we’re going to do some hashtag research.

The first is a book recommendation, “Living With a Seal”. It’s an awesome book by the way so you guys check it out.

The second one is this weird chat that I got on Facebook recently.

The third is a weird photo I took of a family in a haircut catalog.

The fourth one is somebody recommending X27 Marketing to a guy that just became one of our clients.

And the last one is a great Twitter ad I saw of a company called Missaaps.

Now I want to start by finding the top Instagram hashtags.

So I found this page called TagForLikes (shut down, use Tagblender instead) which is completely focused on finding the most popular hashtags for this exact purpose. I also write a quick caption for each one.

Additionally, I wrote a quick caption for each one. The result was the following (check the video for more details):

Instagram Marketing: The Uploading Process

Instagram doesn’t allow you to post from the computer, so keep that in mind and jump to your phone or tablet. I will upload these photos one by one.

Now there are some important tips to consider:

  1. You want to make sure the description is on the actual photo itself.
  2. The hashtags should be posted as a comment, this way you can go back and delete them after a few hours.
  3. Don’t crowd your feed with your own hashtags.

In my experiment, Instagram only allowed me to upload 4 of 5 photos for unknown reasons. In order to give you a baseline, these are my current stats:

Now let’s check back in 6 hours!

Instagram Marketing: The Results

As you can see, the book recommendation photo was my top posted photo ever with 65 likes and 9 comments.

This demonstrates that the hashtags work, but it still depends heavily on the content.

The other ones, except for the weird Facebook message, did a somewhat great job by adding some likes and comments.

Now thanks to this post and video I’ve got a new strategy.

Hope you find any value in this!

And if you do, feel free to give this video a thumbs up at YouTube!

I’m Alex Berman, thanks!


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