In this interview, we sit down with Patrick Bet-David, the entrepreneur behind the +2,000 members company PHP Agency, and the YouTube channel Valuetainment.

In this interview, Patrick Bet-David shares his entrepreneurial struggle, tips for hiring, how to approach growing a company, and tons more.

We also took our time to deliver you the highlights of this interview in case you don’t have enough time to enjoy the whole thing.

The things we learned from Patrick

In the vision of Patrick Bet-David, providing valuable content is a crucial factor to be taken into account in every single step of your business journey. Traditional jobs aren’t suited for everyone, especially due to their tight politics and methods. That’s why entrepreneurship exists.

Remember, do not listen to the garbage of others when they see you reading successful business books. Feed yourself with the experience of others and have some inspiration to keep going.

Miracles do exist!

Like those Hollywood movies that don’t get too much promotion, and then BOOM!, a terrific success. In Patrick’s story, this was true when he uploaded a video to youtube and then got millions of views in a matter of days.

Also, the more aligned your actions are with your thoughts and feelings, the happier you will be.

What if your business ranks the top level?

Then never get an irresponsible relax time. Even though you have 100,000$ in your wallet, doesn’t mean that this will be the same tomorrow. There’s always a healthy level of paranoia, you can’t be sure that your business is going to be okay without you command it constantly.

The next thing you have to do is to ALWAYS DELIVER. You can’t tell lies to the world forever, that means if you want to do something big for your enterprise, DO IT. Otherwise, people will never trust in you and they will leave.

Money is easy to make, but having a purpose to light you up is hard to find, that’s what Patrick told me. Try to sit down and meditate about how and in which ways your enterprise gives meaning to your life.

And finally, if its about hiring, find someone that can provide real value to the company, do not hire for hiring, there must be a purpose. The last thing you want to do is terminate people.

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