Jared Ian Goldman is an American film and television producer. He is known for his work on Alex Strangelove, Ingrid Goes West, The Skeleton Twins, the Academy Award-nominated Loving, The Punisher (TV series) for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wilson, Kill Your Darlings, Solitary Man, And So It Goes, The Wackness, and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning documentary Manda Bala (Send a Bullet).

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:17] How is a movie pitched to Jared
  • [03:50] Jared’s mindset behind choosing projects
  • [05:29] How to find an audience for a project
  • [07:35] How money affects project approval
  • [09:50] How Jared started working on The Punisher
  • [11:50] Working on The Punisher was different than producing a movie
  • [14:14] Jared’s approach to pitching projects
  • [18:10] Strategy behind distributing a movie
  • [21:22] “It’s easier to get a movie financed now than it’s ever been, but it’s also much harder to get a movie seen than it’s ever been.”
  • [21:50] Has Jared ever bailed on a project
  • [22:30] How often do projects fall apart in the pre-production phase
  • [24:00] How to pick a director for your project
  • [27:50] What it takes for Jared to reply to a pitch
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