Joe Badon is a producer, writer and director of The God Inside My Ear, a feature film he made for $8,000.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:13] How Joe self-funded The God Inside My Ear
  • [02:25] How he shot the movie in 13 days
  • [05:31] What’s the plan to promote the movie
  • [08:30] What is Joe’s email outreach strategy
  • [11:05] Why Joe wrote the script around locations
  • [12:30] Who gave Joe feedback on the script
  • [16:19] You can get rights for cheap
  • [17:10] Joe always wanted to direct a movie
  • [18:04] How did Joe handle post-production
  • [20:10] How did they record good sound
  • [21:45] What’s Joe’s plan for the movie

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