Josh Earl is a copywriter, email marketer and programmer. He writes marketing emails for clients in several markets, including tax prep, chiropractic and dental practice development, Internet marketing and software as a service. He runs a weekly email newsletter for programmers with more than 78,000 subscribers. He’s also the author of two self-published books for programmers. He’s written articles for national publications including The Washington Times and Writer’s Digest and his blog posts have been featured on major sites like, Smart Passive Income, LifeHacker and SitePoint.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:00] How Alex and Josh met
  • [01:18] How Josh created a giveaway that went viral and got 187,900 email subscribers?
  • [05:47] What is Josh focused on right now?
  • [07:55] How did Josh get 49% equity in Simple Programmer by tripling their revenue?
  • [10:00] #1 thing Josh uses to monetize an audience on YouTube
  • [12:30] Is it smart to send YouTube videos in an email newsletter?
  • [16:40] What does Josh do on a daily basis?
  • [19:00] How to create content for your email newsletter?
  • [21:42] How to create an offer for your email list?
  • [24:14] How to create scarcity if you’re selling the same product over and over?
  • [27:16] What does the revenue breakdown look like for Simple Programmer?
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Alex Berman is the founder and chief content creator of X27 Marketing. He is passionate about promoting efficient B2B lead generation channels and executing on data-driven strategies for his clients.