JT McCormick is an American businessman, author and speaker. He served as President of technology company HeadSpring before his current role as President & CEO at Book in a Box.

Book In A Box has created an entirely new way to write a book. Instead of sitting at a computer for a year or more, being frustrated with the process and not sure you’re doing it right, they take your ideas, and put them into a book in your words, and your voice. All you have to do is talk to them on the phone, and know what you’re talking about.

In his book, “I Got There”, McCormick describes the years between ages 10 and 13 as some of the most difficult in his life, dealing with sexual abuse, being homeless and in and out of juvenile detention centers without much structure before moving in with his Uncle Bobby from 13 to 15.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:10] How did JT become the CEO at Book in a Box?
  • [03:20] How not to build a company around yourself?
  • [04:15] How to transition an agency away from being focused on a personality to being focused on the brand as a whole?
  • [05:50] What are the differences in marketing strategies between Book in a Box and JT’s former company?
  • [07:48] What are the bare minimums before you go out to recruit a CEO?
  • [10:00] Why did JT fire people when he came into his new company as a CEO?
  • [13:15] How does a founders stay invested with the success of the company when they are no longer CEO?
  • [14:00] What were some of the financial things that JT found were wrong and he had to fix?
  • [15:23] How did JT re-structure the team?
  • [17:00] What did the sales process at Headspring look like?
  • [19:05] Why is outbound strategy not the right fit for selling Book in a Box?
  • [20:26] Where should an agency be in terms of structure and revenue before hiring an external CEO?
  • [23:36] How did JT fix the production side of the Book in a Box?
  • [25:10] JT’s 3P Formula

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