Kelsey Meyer is the co-founder of Influence & Co. Influence & Co. is a tech-enabled content marketing firm that specializes in content strategy, creation and distribution to help companies accomplish their goals through content.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [00:50] What does Influence & Co. do for their clients?
  • [02:04] How to find niche publications?
  • [03:08] Why is I&Co not white labeling for their clients?
  • [04:13] How to go about building a relationships with niche publications from scratch?
  • [04:25] First thing to do if you want to go after a publication as an agency?
  • [06:26] How to know if a niche publication is worth it?
  • [07:07] Metrics you want to look at before publishing at a specific website?
  • [10:08] Is there a niche in which guest posting doesn’t work?
  • [12:10] How do you measure the ROI from the published articles?
  • [13:50] How to utilize your articles in the sales process?
  • [14:56] Best practices for using cold email to distribute the article?
  • [16:54] What role does content marketing play in how someone’s evaluating a company?
  • [19:05] What parts of the funnel are important for different industries?
  • [20:55] Best practices for getting quotations from your ideal companies?

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Alex Berman is the founder and chief content creator of X27 Marketing. He is passionate about promoting efficient B2B lead generation channels and executing on data-driven strategies for his clients.