Lane Campbell is an accomplished technology entrepreneur with a track record of offering affordable solutions and top-notch customer service. Lane’s technical and support expertise has spanned diverse industries that include National Retail, Online Music Distribution, Social Networking, Real Estate, Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Service, Hospitality, Building Management Services, as well as the Publishing industry.

He has has managed teams of technical people both nationally and internationally. These teams have successfully implemented projects that are as diverse as Multi-Million Dollar E-commerce websites, Enterprise Wireless, Network Design and Network Engineering, Thousands of Concurrent Clients over a VPN, IP Telephony, Long Range Wireless Implementation, Enterprise ZFS Storage, High Availability Storage, CRM and ERP implementation/integrations.

Now, he lends his expertise to the operation of Vue Ventures, an early stage venture fund founded by serial entrepreneurs. He is also a mentor at Founder Institute, member at Forbes Technology Council ( an invitation-only organization comprised of elite CIOs, CTOs and technology executives) and a member of Young Entrepreneur Council ( highly selective, invite-only group of like minded peers from nearly every industry).

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:14] How is Lane looking to disrupt how citizens interact with government officials?
  • [03:34] How is Lane pairing innovative startups with corporations that have a strategic need for what they’re doing?
  • [06:14] Strategy of following the money backwards
  • [07:30] 95-5 formula for selling in B2B
  • [08:40] How to approach companies that have ‘migraine problems’
  • [10:20] How to leverage established trust relationships?
  • [13:39] Questions services companies should be asking before pursuing the partnership strategy?
  • [15:48] How to come up with something unique as an agency?
  • [17:00] How did Lane grow an agency from $2.4 to $4 million in revenue in 6 months?
  • [20:25] What to think about when making an intro?
  • [21:25] How to think about networking?
  • [24:00] How to split the time between outbound and building relationships?
  • [27:00] One piece of homework for agency partnerships?

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