In this episode of agency marketing teardowns, we dig into LinkedIn SEO based rank to figure out what it takes to rank in the #1 spot as a company, and then implement the findings.

Two seconds after making the suggested changes to the Dom & Tom LinkedIn, we saw their page hit the number one spot on LinkedIn for “mobile app development agency”.

What we discovered about LinkedIn SEO based Ranking?

In the video, you will see that we searched for companies in several forms in order to get an idea of a pattern. We even created a fake LinkedIn profile to verify if something could change.

This is a summary of what we found:

  1. When you search at LinkedIn, the engine will immediately show you the best matches for your keyword in a small drop list. However, when we push enter, the results displayed in the pages vary significantly.
  2. It doesn’t matter how much you interact in LinkedIn, how much content you upload or show, this won’t affect your ranking in any form.
  3. The LinkedIn webinar about how to improve your profile to rank higher is not useful at all.

So, what we did to have Dom & Tom at the top?

Step #1 – Use 1 keyword in your headline

Put this keyword preferably at the beginning. We realized that when we searched for “mobile app agency”, our company would show only if at least one of this keywords was in the title.

Step #2 – Use that same keyword in your description

In our case, we wrote the following:

“Dom & Tom is an end-to-end digital product development agency focused on emerging technologies along with web iOS and Android”

The result? When I typed “mobile app development agency”, Dom & Tom was the #1 suggestion.

This demonstrates what LinkedIn SEO based ranking system really takes into account: the headline title and your description, nothing else.

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