Loren Feldman is a senior editor at Forbes, responsible for entrepreneurial coverage in print and online. He also co-hosts a call-in show for business owners, Mind Your Business, on Sirius XM’s Wharton business network. His previous job was small-business editor of The New York Times. He has also been editor of the Web sites at both Inc. and FastCompany. Before going digital, he was a top editor and writer for print magazines such as Inc., Philadelphia, Manhattan,inc., the American Lawyer, Money, and George. He has also written for GQ, The New York Times magazine and The New York Times Sunday Business section.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [00:30] What does a senior editor at Forbes do?
  • [01:39] What is the main difference between a journalist’s and an entrepreneur’s article submission?
  • [04:46] What kind of stories is Forbes looking for?
  • [05:53] How does Forbes maintain the content balance of not being too technical?
  • [07:10] What are the day-to-day activities of a senior editor?
  • [09:20] What are the metrics that indicate success for an editorial position?
  • [12:12] What is the future of online media?
  • [14:00] How is Forbes using focus groups to better their editorial approach?
  • [15:57] What are some of the flaws of doing focus groups?
  • [17:42] How to properly pitch a submission to Forbes?
  • [18:59] What percentage of pitches for Forbes actually put in the work?
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