Matt D’Avella is the director of the award-winning Netflix documentary Minimalism. His first feature-length documentary Minimalism was trending on Netflix and broke the top 10 documentaries on iTunes. Matt is also a host of The Ground Up Show.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:00] How did Matt create Minimalism
  • [02:37] How to generate an initial sales bump in iTunes
  • [05:02] About creating a watchable film
  • [05:40] What to look for in the first cut
  • [08:00] How not to lose your story in the process
  • [11:05] How did Matt fund the making of Minimalism
  • [12:50] Music is an important part of the film
  • [14:25] Mistakes don’t take too much away from viewers
  • [17:25] You’re more timid in the early shoots
  • [19:06] Release strategy for Minimalism
  • [23:07] How did Matt get an intro to Netflix
  • [24:30] What are Matt’s plans for the future
  • [27:10] Why Matt started focusing on his podcast
  • [29:05] How minimalism opens you up to freedom
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