Max Altschuler is the CEO and founder of Sales Hacker, Inc. Sales Hacker Inc. is a global conference and event series, and online publication that brings together proven sales execs and emerging startup founders to share their lessons and experiences in sales automation and tech sales.

Max has always been fascinated with sales, psychology, technology, and entrepreneurship and considers himself an entrepreneur first and a salesman second. He was the first sales hire at Udemy, an online education company, and built the process that launched the instructor side of its marketplace.

Max is the author of Hacking Sales, his bestselling book on building high velocity sales machines by leveraging technologies, virtual assistants, empathy, and modern sales tactics. Max was also the first business hire at Udemy.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [00:50] What was it like to work at Udemy when it was just starting out?
  • [02:07] What is Max focused on right now?
  • [03:01] Did Max’s career developed as he envisioned it?
  • [04:00] How much day-to-day selling is Max still doing?
  • [06:36] How did Max form a business partnership with Salesforce?
  • [10:04] What is important to Salesforce when forming partnerships?
  • [11:05] Why did Max write Hacking Sales?
  • [12:30] What are some career hacks for millennials that are not taught in college?
  • [15:07] What are the main trends in B2B space that Max is seeing right now?
  • [16:30] How does Max see his lifestyle and professional career evolving in the future?
  • [18:00] How to leverage your network and time to get in on bigger and better opportunities?
  • [19:20] What does it look like to be an advisor to 44 startups?
  • [20:05] Who are some of the people Max looks up to?
  • [21:43] How has Max’s appetite for risk change in terms of he looks at new opportunities?
  • [23:20] How would Max approach building a new sales team?
  • [25:15] How to deal with initial bad word of mouth?
  • [27:00] Is selling before building a viable strategy?

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