Mikael Yang is the CEO and co-founder of Manychat. ManyChat is a messenger marketing platform that helps businesses do marketing, sales, and support through Facebook Messenger without writing any code. The platform is visual, so anyone who can drag’n’drop can build a bot with ManyChat. ManyChat has grown rapidly to helping 100,000 businesses get 10x more leads and paying customers using Facebook Messenger chatbots than they do with traditional email marketing.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [00:55] Mikael’s experience with 500 Startups accelerator
  • [01:36] How Manychat started in 2015
  • [03:44] Why bots are becoming more popular
  • [04:33] How to handle customer support using bots
  • [05:31] How is Manychat’s team currently structured
  • [09:33] Why messenger bots are popular in all industries
  • [17:10] How is Manychat getting their customers
  • [18:17] What’s Mikael’s approach to marketing
  • [23:00] What did Mikael do before he created Manychat
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