Miri Qylafi is the 22 year old Head of Marketing for Fanbytes, a mobile video advertising platform helping brands like Warner, Universal, and Sony reach teens on Snapchat and recently on Instagram as well. Clocking an average of 90% completion rates and 8% CTR, Fanbytes’s campaigns have seen themselves featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and with Forbes describing them as “rewriting the rules of social for Gen Z”. Miri has overseen hundreds of campaigns that Fanbytes has run for its clients and is familiar with the principles and processes that Fanbytes to achieve success for their clients.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:40] 2 reasons why Miri is a guest on this podcast
  • [02:00] What does Fanbytes do?
  • [03:30] How did Miri join Fanbytes?
  • [04:00] What did the first 30 days when Miri joined look like?
  • [04:54] Why is Fanbytes experimenting with podcasts?
  • [05:30] Cool PR hack you can use to generate results for your agency
  • [07:00] How is Miri using WhatsApp to market their services?
  • [07:50] Why did Fanbytes hire Miri as head of marketing?
  • [09:53] How did companies like Warner, Universal and Sony decide to work with a bunch of 22yr olds?
  • [11:05] How did Fanbytes get an investment?
  • [11:44] What’s the ideal client profile Fanbytes is going after?
  • [13:10] What are Fanbytes’ top 3 marketing channels?
  • [14:07] Why is Fanbytes putting together events?
  • [16:05] How does Fanbytes sell tickets for their events?
  • [17:20] How to turn people that come to your events to customers?
  • [19:15] Difference between selling in the US and the UK?
  • [21:00] What do Miri’s day to day activities look like?
  • [22:18] What are some of Fanbytes’ weekly goals?
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