Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best motivational speakers out there. And went it comes to motivational content, hi and his producer David Rock are masterminds.

Their Youtube channels boast more than 250,000 subscribers and his Facebook videos are viewed by millions. This video is an analysis of what makes his videos so watchable and gives 4 tips on how to use those same tools in your videos.

If you’re not very up for watching a video, we summed up the whole thing for you to enjoy it. We always care about our readers!

Returning to our topic, how Gary does it?

Gary Vaynerchuk and His Motivational Content – 4 Key Points

1- Introductions

Something very characteristic of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos is the showcase of a short teaser to grab all your attention. What’s the point of teasing? Simple: you’ll stay longer in the video to see what’s next.

2- The frame (how he teaches)

Every single video Gary does is all about one single concept. One of the greatest examples of this is his video “1 is greatest than 0“. He repeats this concept again and again about not giving up, keep trying, like if he were a preacher giving a sermon.

3- The music

Sometimes he will use rock music, for instance, to speed up the video. Sometimes he will opt for a slow piano background so you start to engage emotionally.

4- B-Rolling

Gary Vaynerchuk usually shows himself working with people from all around the world, doing good things, going to wonderful places, all of these while he is talking in the video.

As you can all realize, the point of these techniques is to engage people emotionally and to encourage them to stay watching the video for a longer time.

You don’t necessarily have to start creating motivational content for your business in order to apply these same tactics, so go out today and apply them creatively to show your services, success, whatever.

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