Matthew Beat is a history teacher who specializes in making history more engaging and easier to understand through music and Ken Burns-style videos for the 21st century. He has written songs about all of the Presidents and has created music videos for all of them. His most popular series chronicles every Presidential election in American history on his YouTube channel Mr. Beat.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [02:05] How long was Matt doing his most popular series for?
  • [05:13] Why was the last presidential election different?
  • [07:10] How does Matt put together his videos?
  • [08:10] Why does Matt compare his videos to Ken Burns’ videos?
  • [08:57] How does Matt pick the topics for his videos?
  • [10:30] How to come up with video titles?
  • [11:25] How to think about content promotion?
  • [14:18] How to leverage Reddit for promotion?
  • [18:10] What role does YouTube play in Matt’s life?
  • [21:33] What’s the future for Matt’s channel?
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