Nick Eubanks is the CEO of I’m From The Future, Partner at Traffic Think Tank, Co-Founder of NKTech Ventures and advisor to DeepCrawl. Nick started consulting on web design, SEO, and email marketing while in college under the moniker Nick Eubanks Solutions, and then went on to found his first real business in 2008, called Atomni. In 2010 he was recruited to be CEO of angel-backed startup Factor Media, and in 18 months he designed, built, and scaled a CMS for consumer reviews in Japan that was receiving over 3 million organic visits per month. He grew the team to 34 people with a $0 advertising budget. In 2014 he founded I’m From The Future, an ecommerce and lead-generation consulting agency – to help companies grow their online traffic and revenue. He has worked on more than 1,000 websites, and drove more than 50 Billion visits, and over $10 Billion in revenue.

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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [02:12] Nick’s process behind acquiring agencies
  • [05:20] Why is Nick buying agencies
  • [10:00] How to implement a process you didn’t create
  • [12:30] How did Nick merge all the agencies he bought
  • [14:17] Next hires Nick needs to make
  • [15:30] Running an agency is hard
  • [16:30] What are Nick’s responsibilities at Traffic Think Tank
  • [20:35] How to deal with impostor syndrome
  • [21:46] What’s the price to acquire a smaller agency
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