Nick Persico is Head of Growth at, helping thousands of inside salespeople close more deals. He’s a former Co-Founder at Smart Host (which was acquired by Beyond Pricing). Former VP of Ops at Krossover, Hustler at Elastic/, and outside sales at Sysco. His passion is technology in the enterprise, and how the next generation of tools and workforce are changing it.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:40] How did Elastic pivot to
  • [03:12] What were Nick’s main tasks at
  • [05:30] What are all the pricing tiers?
  • [06:15] How was initially framed as a pitch?
  • [07:50] What is’s top marketing channel?
  • [09:55] What’s the team structured like at
  • [11:40] What are Nick’s main responsibilities at
  • [12:55] What is’s content strategy?
  • [15:00] How to approach your free trial users?
  • [17:40] How to help a prospect make a decision?
  • [18:45] What is Nick’s approach to enterprise selling?
  • [22:20] What has been the most surprising thing about growing
  • [24:20] How to drastically increase your opportunity close rate?
  • [26:20] How does Nick envision his future?
  • [28:00] What made Nick come back to
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