Nicolas Cole is a 3x Top Writer on Quora and a Top 30 Columnist for Inc Magazine with over 50 million views of his work. He had his work featured in TIME, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, The Chicago Tribune, Apple News, Slate Magazine, and more.
He’s also the founder of Digital Press which works with CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, and C-suite executives to extract their best insight and unique story, and help craft written content in a way that resonates with hundreds of thousands, even millions of readers online.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:10] What was Cole’s approach to Quora?
  • [03:24] Why Cole focused on quality instead of volume on Quora?
  • [04:20] What kind of format are big publications looking for?
  • [05:23] How do you know if what you’re writing is good?
  • [06:48] How long did it take for Cole to get picked up by a publication?
  • [08:40] The entire process Cole uses to get published in a publication of his choosing
  • [10:10] How being a top-writer on Quora helped Cole’s business?
  • [11:40] Why it’s not all about being featured in a publication?
  • [12:45] How to convey the importance of storytelling to your clients?
  • [15:36] How does Cole think about pricing his services?
  • [17:00] How did the pricing structure of Digital Press evolve since the agency was founded?
  • [18:52] What is the lowest Cole has been paid for his writing?
  • [19:34] How did Cole know it was the time to start charging for his work and how did that first conversation with his client look like?
  • [21:15] Why is Cole comfortable putting the learning process before getting paid?
  • [23:00] What did Cole learn when he was on set of Shark Tank and chatted with Mark Cuban?
  • [25:32] What are Cole’s main goals in business right now?
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