David Schneider is currently the CEO and CoFounder of digital marketer software NinjaOutreach, which helps small businesses find and outreach to bloggers to grow their sales through blogger outreach. Previously, he worked at Capital One as a business analyst until 2012, when he left to travel to the world with his girlfriend (visited over 40+ countries). During this time he started several online businesses, which grossed several hundred thousand in revenue. Since June 2014, he has been bootstrapping NinjaOutreach with two CoFounders to grow it to over 500 customers. They grew their team from 3 to 11 people, increased their revenue from $0 to >$100k ARR and achieved consistent 20% average MoM growth.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:40] How long it took David to go from 0 to $100k in revenue?
  • [03:30] How did David get into software business?
  • [05:40] Reasoning behind NinjaOutreach partnering with AppSumo
  • [08:00] How to psychologically tackle not making money?
  • [09:45] How to define an ideal customer?
  • [12:00] What to do when your product better resonates with someone else besides your ideal target?
  • [15:30] How to classify people that use your product?
  • [19:14] What are digital agencies doing in terms of outreach?
  • [21:38] How to measure ROI in terms of blogger outreach?
  • [23:30] How is NinjaOutreach acquiring customers?
  • [25:40] First thing to try in influence marketing?

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