Patrick Doohan is a successful leader of sales and marketing teams. Working with Fortune 500 companies and startups, his strategies drive revenue and profit. Patrick combines direct response marketing in combination with traditional sales to maximize success. He attributes much of his success to leveraging the 80/20 principal.
Recently Patrick has been recognized as a Best Seller in Freelance Sales for his course “How to Dominate Freelancing” (on with over 15,000 students and hundreds of written 5 star reviews.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • [01:00] How do you find senior sales talent?
  • [03:00] How to structure a payment for a sales trainer?
  • [04:30] How to differentiate yourself from all the other pitches?
  • [05:33] What were Patrick’s first impressions of the x27 sales team?
  • [07:14] How did Patrick find out a sales rep had consistency issues?
  • [09:30] Different types of sales reps and ways to approach them
  • [11:42] How does x27’s new sale hire who is doing well differs from a former one?
  • [14:00] How to cheat the system when hiring new sales reps?
  • [16:30] How to leverage the 80/20 rule in training the sales team?
  • [18:45] Where does Patrick see the x27 sales team going?
  • [20:50] How to scale a sales team?
  • [23:40] How to prioritize your sales goals?
  • [26:00] How to instantly test a new sales hire?
  • [28:00] How to form sales referral partnerships?
  • [30:30] Can sales be juggled with another role?
  • [32:09] What are some of the common mistakes sales teams make that are easy to fix?
  • [34:10] Why asking open-ended questions is not always the right thing to do in a sales meeting?
  • [35:10] Example of a great open-ended question
  • [36:35] How to properly handle objections without coming off as confrontational?
  • [38:00] Two things that made x27 close rate jump up
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