Should you use SEO to grow? Social media? Cold email? Webinars? In this video, we run through a simple framework you can use to pick a lead generation channel for marketers.

Video: How do you pick a lead generation channel?

There are hundreds of different channels for lead generation, but the huge question is:

How do you choose the right one for your company?

In the Alex Berman’s vision, there are two ways -the first one is excellently covered in the book wrote by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares called “Traction”.

Basically, pick 3 to 4 marketing tactics and test them for 30 days. and see which fits you better.

I found that it kind of works but not at 100% since I saw myself returning to my former channel. And that’s why I’ll show you a second alternate path.

You know in your heart what channel is the best for your company!

Is it SEO, cold emails, PPC, Facebook? In my case, cold emailing worked from the start, my first job was all about cold emailing, my first clients came through it. I tried Facebook Ads, and it didn’t work, then email marketing, and didn’t work either.

So I tell you, double down on the channel you love the most!

Perhaps, cold emailing is not your preferred channel, maybe it’s SEO, webinars, any channel. But remember, every marketing channel is good, but the one you master will be the best.

So go deep, master one channel, and work with it!

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Alex Berman is the founder and chief content creator of X27 Marketing. He is passionate about promoting efficient B2B lead generation channels and executing on data-driven strategies for his clients.